Thoughts running around in my head…

The pink hazy skies we see in Calgary when there are lots of forest fires create the perfect skies of Arran.

Hi Everyone!

Been working hard on setting up the website, using images I’m hoping Deb can eventually professionalize!!

I’m getting ready to add some images that I’ve used to inspire scenes or people over the years! I had just as much fun finding collecting these as I had messing around with the people living inside my head!! I almost feel like I’ve been to the distant places they have visited!

Thank you all for your many words of encouragement! It’s been keeping me going for a while now!

Almost time to start submitting it to publishers…scary thought. Anne of Green Gables was rejected 32 times or something like that and I’m hoping to not hit that number! By a LOT!

See you next time I think of something to say!!

Hello Everyone!

In this, my very first blog, I will attempt to keep you appraised of the progress my team and I are making towards seeing my dream come true and bringing my books, Crystals of the Ancients, to press.

I hope you take the opportunity to read the first two chapters and let me know how you like the story so far!

I do, in fact, have three books finished, at least as far as my own editing is concerned, with a total for all three books of just under 1000 pages, and just over 210,000 words. At this point, I have sworn that I won’t open the files until I get the word from my editors because each and every time I open them, I add to them, or change something…you know, the stuff that makes the editors pull their hair out.

So, in lieu of that, I have decided to create several venues for letting people out there know that there is this phenomenal literary achievement just waiting to be discovered!

At this time, I have the Facebook page, Margaret McBee Crystals of the Ancients, Pinterest, Twitter, and the website, So check out the links (I hope they work…this is my first attempt at working with this particular program) and LIKE it, or PIN it, FOLLOW it, or COMMENT here (for the website!) Do remember that sometimes, I’ll go under the name of Medieval Mantles, as that is my first website and some things are linked to that!

Most of all…be patient, my dears!!