My dad couldn’t possibly be wrong…

I met with Susan Toy the other day, to get her advice on what I need to do to move a little closer to publishing. She’s an author who has had years of experience in the publishing/writing field. She gave me some very good tips and suggestions which have really excited me! I’m working on them now. Yippee!!!

One major suggestion was moving the audience from adult only to young adult. This means taking out the explicit stuff, and having something to offer to the 13-18 demographic which is a HUGE group. Don’t worry. The story is NOT changing and will still be a great read for adults. In reality, there are things that really don’t need to be described.

My dad told me to that I should add sex to make it sell. Maybe my dad was wrong. I suppose it was bound to happen. Once wrong in 89 years. Not a bad record. “Iniuriam post mortem.”

She’s also finding a professional editor for me to meet. Karen, Ula and Nolan have done an awesome job, but I need a professional.

I had better stop blogging and get back to work!