June 22, 2012 – So exciting!!

I have now completed all three sneak peeks, and the edited versions of all three complete books. They are now posted on my website.

The sneak peeks are the first two chapters of that book. The link is the book open on the Home page.
Read them again if you’ve already read it…It may have changed!

The complete versions are on the PDF file section. You will need to contact me by cell phone (not by email) for the passwords as this is NOT for public use. In other words, if I give you the password, please don’t give it to ANYONE!! Not even your grandmother or your best friend.

I’m allowing a handful of you to read them at this point to give them a final proof reading for continuity, typos, etc, before I engage a professional editor who will polish it off for the agent or publisher. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Thanks to everyone for helping out. If you don’t have my cell phone number and you personally know me, you can email me your phone number and I’ll call you. I’m just trying to keep this as safe as possible. FYI, the passwords are different for each of the six files. In that way, you can feel comfortable giving the password to your young ‘adult’ (my three grandchildren who are in the double-digits) without exposing them to the racier version.

See you guys later!!!