While the First Three are at the Editor’s…

I am eagerly awaiting the first constructive meeting with my editor, Caralee Hubbell. She has all three completed manuscripts and while she is editing one book at a time, overall she is making sure everything that needs to match in all three will do just that. So, for the first time in thirteen years, I can’t open the file on Oriana and Caleb and add stuff and change stuff and rewrite stuff.

Had to do something. The voices in my head keep shouting out their stories to me!

So…I am having fun getting to know the new characters in my Fourth Book – working title The Crystals of Gaia.

The fourth story is the background events of what I thought was a rather minor character who was only mentioned in Book Three: The Crystal Pools. Turns out she wasn’t a minor character at all, but a rather important cog in the history wheel of the planet of Book Three. Fortunately, the mentioning of her in Book Three is rather like mentioning in conversation that my dad was geologist without realizing the enormous impact he had on the geology field. Her importance need not be embellished upon.

I already knew some of the people in this new history. They are older in Book Three, so now I’m discovering their youth. Of course, there are many new people I have never met and I’m sure there will be many more before the story is finished. I’m learning the history of these people as a culture and how this story impacts them and the rest of their planet.

In school, I was never interested in Social Studies, never interested in current events, and only took mild interest in history. I didn’t like the dates. This creating history, thought, is fun! Very Thought Provoking. If you ever want to find out what really makes humanity tick, write a novel about a world that you have to create. You don’t know the outcome. You have to come up with one that works for those people, for that setting. Even though many of the cultures are based on ancient civilizations here on Earth, the histories are completely different. The outcomes are not dependent on influences from other cultures, as they are here in this melting pot. Can you imagine if the Greeks had never been in contact with the Romans or the Celts? No outside influence at all. That’s where I hope to take you.

The stories take place on five major and twenty-three minor planets in nineteen star systems, with planetary histories spanning over a thousand years. This fourth book takes us back only into the past century, while the first three cover the next ten years in our future. Of course, “The Ancients” came from a time so far back in history, no one really knows who they were or from where they came.

Trying to keep all the people in all the books straight, I created a list of all characters so far, and a brief summary of that person’s role, their date of birth (this is based on Earth years so age would be consistent relative to everyone else), and in which story they appear. Turns out that so far, I have over two hundred named people. That’s a lot of voices.

All those people have background stories. And they all seem to want their stories told. Picking one for the Fourth Book was difficult but eventually one voice shouted louder than the rest and so I sit once more, taking dictation from someone who lives deep in the universe within my head.

Clear as mud? The answers are in the books!!

I’m eager to find out how this fourth story goes and how it ties in with the others!