The Beginning of The End…

I have sent the second half of the reworked manuscript for the first book to the editor. While I’m waiting for her final edit of the first half, I’ll get to work polishing up the second book.

I have learned the word “FINAL” means something completely different on this side of “THE END.”

“The End” is only the beginning…

Last year, I symbolically put my pencil down and proclaimed, “I am finished. The End.”

I reread the complete manuscript aloud after two people had read the manuscript for errors and readability, cleaning it up before I ventured out to find an editor.

Kinda like cleaning house before the maid comes.

I found an editor and sent her a copy of the FINAL manuscripts, happy in the knowledge that she might find few dust bunnies living in the corners but she wouldn’t have to move the furniture around.

The manuscript turned into her doodle pad. Following her numerous and staggering suggestions, I did many rewrites and revisions, producing additional dialogues and scenes, creating a better reading experience, which also resulted in that first manuscript being split into two separate books.

After her FINAL edits, we’ll embark on the “Let’s find an agent” leg of the journey, which will hopefully be a short trip to a publisher.

And I’m sure there will be more suggestions, more edits, more rewrites, and more revisions before you find my books on the shelves at Chapters…

But trust me, it will be completely worth the wait.

The End.

Or is it?