Running Under the Rainbow is better in Colour!

Taking full advantage of not having to punch a clock, I am tackling the complete final edit of Book One. This is massive. Up to now, it’s been a chapter or two at a time, with breaks in-between, but this is the complete nearly 300 page manuscript! After this edit, Caralee only wants to see what I did to two of the 30+ chapters! She is making sure I polish ALL the little crevices so that this story will SHINE!

For those few of you who had the opportunity to read the first draft of this saga, don’t worry. The story is the same. It’ll be like looking at a black and white picture. You love it, and it looks great. When you see the original colour picture, though, things pop out at you that you never noticed before. It has a depth to it that the BW didn’t.

Don’t get me wrong. Black and White photos are beautiful. But sometimes you need colour. I just saw Oz The Great and Powerful which, along with the original Wizard of Oz, beautifully illustrates how colour changes your perception.

run under a rainbow bw vs color


Which picture makes you wish you could run under the rainbow with her?



rose colored glass bw vs colorreunion at zoo-6-9-12 bw vs color


Which one makes you want to open the door to see what’s causing the colour?




And which picture shows you how the lives of the characters are intricately woven to coordinate with each other and the environment?
(Thank you to my high school friends for this perfect picture, and no, we did not plan the colours!!)

When this edit is behind me, I’ll be preparing copies to send out to agents and I can put out a little teaser for you, so you can have a read and find out what all the hoopla is about!

Caralee is looking over my list of possible agents as well, with a criteria list for me to follow when searching the lists of agents.

I met a wonderful author at a book signing at Chapters on Sunday. We chatted for few minutes while there was no one else around and ‘networked’ the old fashioned way! She’s a self-published author and thinks I’m going about it the right way, as she has had to do all the editing and artwork and marketing and managing herself. Whew.
It was so nice to meet you, Erika Knudsen,


Since I can’t (or I shouldn’t because I’ll get cross-eyed and very hungry) spend all my time banging away on the keyboard, my big adventure this week will be going to Green’s Lapidary. I want to find some real crystals for my Crystal Box and see if I can get it to work!! *wink*


Seriously, I should be writing…

Okay, the robins are still here, still making a LOT of noise, pretty as it is, and the snow has melted for the time being and we can leave the windows open to hear the melodious cacophony.

Of course, tomorrow it’s supposed to snow/rain in Calgary, but it’s back up to 19C (66F) by Thursday so I’m thinking the birds are here for a while. Has Spring arrived in your area?

I’ve gotten busy preparing for my ‘final’ meet with Caralee for the first book, and we’ll start talking about approaching an agent with the first TWO books as a package. Between our schedules, I don’t know when we’ll get together but it will be soon.

veinI will take the time now to concentrate on taking the next two books to the next level. As I learned tricks of the trade with the first book, I’ve taken those lessons and have been working them over with everything that I’ve learned over the past eight months! So exciting! I’m taking the time to read some very interesting blogs on grammar, writing tips, blogging, publishing, and above all, I’m trying to figure out the best way to utilize Twitter in this adventure!

Another fun side trip on my journey to publication is rediscovering my short stories from years gone by and transcribing them onto my computer! They were actually written before I had a home computer, or when I had an early early MacIntosh computer, then a PC. At that time, there was no way to move Mac files onto a PC without the Internet and who had that in their own home? Never again!



The Kings of Spring…Part Two

As most of you know, I am not the linguist my leading lady is, so I do not have the ability to listen to a new language and become fluent in it in a short time.

2013-04-10 robins screen

So, after a lengthy search, I came across a fairly reliable source, listened to the audio of yesterday’s raucous robins and am thrilled that I can now fully understand them.

Their conversation went something like this…(not all things translate directly so please excuse my literary freedom to paraphrase when necessary.)

“Hey, Rob!”

“Hiya, Robby!”

“I see that you’re preening, Rob. You’re wasting your time. Those girls are going to all flock to me!”

“Are you kidding me? Robby, this ain’t preening! I’m just getting down.”

“Why don’t ya just say you’re fluffing?” A bird giggle erupted in the audio then Rob chirps up again. “Hey, Bobby! Get this! Rob’s fluffing!”

Bobby is on another tree but his squawk is heard over the rest. “Really? Man, ya think you know a bird you’ve grown up with and he goes away for a couple of months and he’s become a fluffer.”

“Cut it out, you capons. Seriously, Robby. The weather’s changing. The North Wind sent word that there’s snow on the way. I want my down to be fluffy to keep me warm in the barn.”

“Rob, Rob, Rob. You can’t be serious. It’s so beautiful out here. Look, there’s even buds on the branches. Well, do whatever you want. Me? I’m gonna be ready for the ladies.”

“Robby, you’re such a cockerel. Ol’ Cock Robin sent word that the ladies need to stay away for a bit until the weather gets better and that we should all just keep our heads under our wings.”

“Rob, you’ve been eating fermented berries again, haven’t you? Poor thing.”

“Scram everyone!” [It is uncertain which bird was on crow’s nest duty, watching out for the flock but it is certain that this bird was on the ball.] “There’s a human watching us!”

Silence is heard(?) for a few little heartbeats. Then “Fly! Fly! Fly!”

And the beating of wings as they take to the sky.

Robin Winter 1 copy

Except for Rob.
He was still sitting on the tree branch today.
“Guys? Guys? My feet are frozen to the branch! Guys?”


The North Wind doth blow,
And we shall have snow.
And what will the Robin do then,
Poor thing?
He’ll sit in the barn
To keep himself warm
And hide his head under his wing.
Poor Thing.


The Kings of Spring or Why I’m Not Editing and I’m Okay With That…

I brought up my laptop to work upstairs. Lots of final editing to finish and the weather was nice enough to get a little fresh air. I opened the kitchen door and sat at the computer to work on the book but got nothing done.

A loud, incessant cacophony of chattering chirps proclaimed the return of Robin Red Breast to Calgary. And they seemed to be having a convention in our trees, still barren of leaves.

2013-04-10 The Kings of SpringThere they sat, over thirty Mr. Robins sitting on our branches, preening themselves for the ladies. While we watched, my oldest grandson and I, they visited, yelling over the rest to be heard, noisily telling each other of their exciting adventures over the winter months in the more gentle climates, and of the brown-breasted beauty they had their little shiny black eye on.

Mesmerized, I watched long after my grandson went back to school. I videotaped the sound, knowing that when I learn to speak Robin, I’ll have some more story ideas from their tales of travel and love.

Then, suddenly, it was silent. The birds still sat in the trees, but the chatter stopped as if the soundtrack had been suddenly and cruelly removed. Two minutes passed, then three and then, on some cue invisible to the human senses, the birds took wing, as a single entity, the only sound the sharp beating of their wings as they left my world in pursuit of perhaps a more private spot.

But I had already been a part of their sacred preening ritual. I had heard their secret stories. Too late did they notice me.

With a sad sort of feeling, I went back to my computer and shared this with you. And now, Caleb and Oriana call to me to come back to them.