I would have made a lousy hairdresser…

Pink combs in all sizes...Combs. I never realized that the size of the comb-rather the spaces between the teeth-really made a big difference.

I have an agent’s website open to the submissions section. I’ve read all the requirements for documents and I opened my cover letter, refining it to the correct names, etc. Then I open my synopsis and a document of just the first three chapters. Last minute editing before saving a PDF files. WHAT? I missed a space, a period, and a pronoun!

I hit submit. I now have a confirmation email telling me it might take eight weeks to hear from them!!! It’s going to be a loooooong eight weeks!

While I wait the requisite amount of time, I will be going through the first manuscript-again-with the finest of fine combs. I know that little errors are bound to happen, but when you’ve gone through word by word a manuscript a gazillion times, it’s embarrassing to discover a missing space or period.


And I still have three more completed manuscripts I must attack. And an unfinished story I got started last year.