Back from Kansas…


I just got back from a quick little 6-day trip down to Kansas City, where I proudly watched my youngest daughter’s husband receive his doctorate in Chiropractic. Such a cool ceremony to watch. Congratulations to Doctor Dan!!

As a veteran, Daniel led the Pledge of Allegiance. Now you have to realize that, while I live in Canada, I am a US citizen and this is the first time in probably 32 years that I have been in the States when the pledge was being said. I managed to get out three words in between the cracking of my voice. I think it was “I”, “liberty”, and “all.” Even so, it was a wonderful ceremony and it was really beautiful to see all those young people who have worked for so long receive their hoods and diplomas.

Back to work on the books!!

The End of Another Summer…


Wow…Where has the time gone? This is the last single digit day of the summer of 2013. The kids still have three weeks left, but I don’t.

Next week, I head off to Kansas City to watch the graduation ceremony which will turn my SIL into Doctor Dan. Then it’s a quick turnaround and back to Calgary by Monday. And then, a week later, I start a new job.

Intense training ahead. I’m looking forward to it…sort of. I mean, it sounds like an exciting job, but let’s face it, I was a SAHM for too many years to really appreciate the career aspect of life. And there’s the books…

I’ve been off work for four months which has given me lots and lots of time to work on the manuscripts. In fact, I’ve just discovered that there is a whole new book in-between numbers 3 and 4. OMG. Really? This isn’t a manuscript that I’m splitting like when I chopped the first manuscript into two separate books and had the opportunity to fine tune the story. This is a completely new story. Granted, it incorporates the backstory told in the “4th” book and it will change the beginning of said book, but it goes oh-so-much deeper, really pulling out what happened in the space between 3 and 4. I am so excited about incorporating the ideas that suddenly started cramming into my head!

I was wondering how I would ever have enough material to make another book using the same characters. But there it was. I just had to ask the right questions, look under the right rock, and listen to those small voices that keep me entertained.

Are you reading the diaries? Here’s the link again…triquetra00

Someone dropped the Ball!

I can’t believe I haven’t posted anything for a month! It’s not like I haven’t been on the computer every single day! I have been!

I got really involved with a new project on a new Twitter account…not quite ready for the public yet. These are entries from the diaries of Ana and Caleb.
Sorry. It’s Ana’s diary and Caleb’s journal (because guys don’t do diaries!)

I’ve had lots of fun creating the images for the site, and the growing list of entries! It’ll be fun to see what’s going on in the day-to-day lives of these two people. It’s helping me to learn more about these characters and who they really are.

diary avatar




One of these days, I’ll leak them out. Just trying right now to keep my writing from being “previously published.”