I haven’t died.

“I still live…” ┬áJohn Carter (E R Burroughs, A Princess of Mars)

I’ve been so incredibly busy between working (out of home now but still putting in more than 40 hrs/week), helping with school, hockey, and dance, and trying to get my first manuscript polished, there’s been little time for me to write in my blog, twitter, or here!

As for my books… I am getting so excited as ‘we’ (my editor, myself, and my characters) prepare to tackle the agent list again. After a few “not now” letters, the query letter and manuscript itself is getting a makeover.

I want to be the most perfect fit for the next agent she has ever seen! And of course, I need to have the manuscript in pristine condition when I send the query. It does not do well if the agent asks for a copy of the manuscript and you have to ask for a little more time. At least, not a debut novel.

Yes, some of you may be saying “But the first one was done. I read it!” And you told me it was good. But trust me, it’s even better now! The best! And in doing this, I’m rewriting major parts of it, throwing out the fluff, and I’m even throwing in a new twist or two!

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I made tea

The editing process…