What to do when you’re waiting to hear back from an agent . . .

I was helping Sarah, my 9 year old granddaughter, with a little project for Taryn, her Maplelea doll (Canada’s American Girl). We printed out an online image of the front and back of a journal and then we filled it with blank pages.

It got me to thinking . . .

Assembling the pages

Assembling the pages

Tiny Title Page

Tiny Title Page

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Tiny 2-½" book

Tiny 2-½” book


Only took me three days (working on it between calls) to get it together.

This little 2-½” book(let) is 90 pages (45 double-sided pieces of paper) and is only the first 4 chapters, formatted especially for this project. I wanted Sarah to be able to read it if she wanted to so the font is a bit bigger than if I had just scaled the pages down.


Tiny little bookmark with a tiny little tassel . . .

Tiny little bookmark with a tiny little tassel


The hardest part? The tiny little tassel on the tiny little bookmark! Okay, lining up the double sided pages so they worked out was maybe a little harder than the tassel, but the tassel almost didn’t make it!

No, I’m not giving up the search for an agent who will hook me up with a REAL publisher, but this was a kick to see it in print!

Now, back to editing and rewriting and rewriting and editing and coming up with new twists and stories within the existing manuscripts, as well as working on a great plot line for the unfinished book number 7!!

Why doesn’t this work for lottery tickets?

VHS tapes

Do you remember these things?

I have this thing that happens to me more often than not. It’s been happening for years!

It starts something like this . . .

A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to pack up my collection of old VHS movies, including the ones we recorded off the TV back in the day before you could afford to buy the tape. (Back then, Dances With Wolves was $60 to purchase the two-tape set!) I’m looking at the 40+Polaroid home-made cassettes, recording the names of the ancient movies and dating them on my spreadsheet library master (like the original Parent Trap or Babes in Toyland vs the remakes. Stuff like that.)

I came across a recording of The Phantom of the Opera and wanted to date it but wasn’t sure when it came out so I looked it up. I’m sure it is Andrew Lloyd Webber’s but that one came out in 2004, and this was clearly taped back in the last century when I had the equipment to do so. But scenes and songs of ALW is all that my memory holds.

Short of digging out the VHS player and finding the cords and getting the 14-yr-old grandson to hook it up to the fancy new-fangled thing they call a TV but is clearly not what I think of when I think “TV set,” I was intrigued with finding which version I have taped . . . nothing, absolutely nothing from the 90s. I know it would have been something that came out before that time, but it’s on the same tape as a movie that came out in 1990. There was a darker version that came out in ’89, but the pictures on the computer didn’t jog my memory.

I am obsessed now. Not so much with my taped copy, but with the ALW movie. I can see the scenes in my head, I can hear the music. I didn’t see the theatrical performance of Phantom when it came to Calgary. Of course, the soundtrack could be imbedded in my memory, as I’m sure we had a copy of it, but somehow, I know the scenes. Perhaps I saw it on TV at some point after 2004 but I’m sure my memories predate 2004. One thing for sure—I didn’t remember seeing Gerard Butler as the Phantom and . . .

Oh, how I wish I could hook up the old VCR and play my tape to see which version I have! I go to bed wondering how in the world Gerard Butler pulled it off. I just couldn’t imagine The Machine Gun Preacher, or his character from Gamer in the role of the Phantom.

The very next day . . .

I got off work after dinnertime and no one’s home. I turned on the TV to see what’s on. The TV was already set on the Disney channel so I watched the program in progress, Good Luck Charlie. After ten minutes, I said to myself, “Why am I watching kids’ shows when I could watch something else?” (For the record, I love watching Disney shows and very often watch them when I’m alone. My favorite is Wizards of Waverly Place.)

I started flipping the channels.

O. M. G.

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom of the Opera starring Gerard Butler as the Phantom is on . . . and had just started.

And, of course, I watch it. And, of course, Gerard Butler pulled it off better than I could imagine!

A few days later, I’m finally getting over the obsession with Phantom, and I’m flipped through the channels. Ah. The Day After Tomorrow stars my favorite actor, Jake Gyllenhaal. No surprises there. This movie is on frequently and I’ll watch it when I can. The girl looks familiar, of course, but I never really paid much attention to her. Idly, I wondered what else she was in . . . looked it up.

Of course. She was Christine, opposite my other favorite actor, Gerard Butler, in . . . wait for it . . . The Phantom of the Opera.

I wonder if I think about and obsess over lottery numbers, I wonder if it would work . . .