I’m back!!

It has been a long long time since I posted anything here. I’m hoping I can make more posts now.

Today, I decided that I was going to really push forward with my book proposal. I haven’t been not writing, though. In fact, I’ve been discovering a lot more about Caleb and Ana and their friends over the past few years! So much that I will say to myself, I am done this book. I won’t touch it until a publisher asks for it. Then a picture will trigger a thought, and that thought will morph into an idea that just has to be included in the story. So I add it. And add another and another.

Now, I have been advised that the average YA novel for a first time writer is around 70,000 words. The science fiction aspect can bump that up to around 90,000. World building takes a lot of words. Then I changed the genre to a new category—NA, or New Adult (this allows a bit more sexual tension—still no explicit stuff, though. A 12-year old could read this to her grandmother.) That bumped the ‘generally accepted’ word count up to 100,000. Well, my count was over 105,000 words.

So I added something to the file name – “blah blah-Kill those Darlings.

Not the characters, but extra scenes that really don’t add significantly to the story. Oh. They are wonderful little scenes but if you take them out, you don’t lose anything from the plot. If it was a movie, these would be on the cutting room floor.

So I started whittling out some of the more soporific scenes. Wow. I dropped down 2000 words here, and a thousand there.

The biggest reveal came from making this scene.

The biggest reveal came from making this scene.

Then came the big reveal to me (by my characters—I wish they would just tell me these things right off the bat!) OMG! What was revealed I shall not say, because it would spoil it for you when you finally get to read the book, but trust me, it had to be added. It affected two separate scenes. Got it all added. Ah…That’s perfect. Now everything makes sense.

Well, now I’m back up to 112,000 words and the page count, well, it’s high, too!

I’m just going to leave it alone and hope I can find an agent or publisher not afraid of big numbers.