A Little Story Goes a Long Way…

Back in 1998, early in the year, I was told I was going to become a grandmother in the Fall. They lived with me at the time, but I didn’t know him very well at all. He didn’t know me very well either, for that matter. My daughter took me out to dinner to break the news in public, not knowing how I was going to take it. But let’s face it, she was an adult anywhere in the world, or would be when ‘the time’ arrived. I was thrilled!!

He was back at home, the coward, waiting for the wrath of her mother to descend on him from above.

When I got home, I rummaged around in the kitchen drawer, pulled out the biggest knife I had, and went downstairs, muttering something like “where is the little…” I won’t quote what I said (nor did I at any time actually endanger the poor soul.) Suffice it to say it did wonders to keep the wrath of her mother foremost in his mind. Well, dear hearts, he amused me, with his quivering and nervous shaking. I laughed that crazy kind of laugh, still holding the knife and said “It’s our custom that once you fulfil your purpose, you must die, but you amuse me so I will allow to live another day.”

make stuff up

And daily, I filled his poor little man head with stories of the home planet, inhabited only by¬†women and our travels to earth seeking out suitable DNA for our progeny. I mean, I had the star named, the planet named, the language named. I knew all about the culture and how we traveled and how far away the star is from Earth. It all made a lot of sense as I was the mother of all girls. No boys. I babysat in home at times, and it seemed it was always only girls. Even our pets were all females except for one cat. And, of course, my amusing husband was still around. Hmmm…

And out popped my first grandchild, all sweetness and innocence and pink. A girl. Then her sister followed two years later. No boys. Hmmm…

Either she’s crazy or she’s telling the truth, he must’ve thought. To this day, I wonder if he knows the truth which is…oh why spoil it? Let him think he knows.

dark and stormyI decided to write down some of the stories. Then I decided to put them together. Then I added some more stuff I hadn’t thought about but stuff that would be fun. And there you have the birth of the story.

I’ve written it backwards, starting with Book 3, then Book 2 and ending with Book 1. I only ever intended on the one book. I wrote the story which immediately preceded this book as a 38 page short story, but when a friend read it, she said I had to tell the complete story, and the one before that!! (Thanks, Karen, for believing in me!) So the story grew and grew.

Before long, the friends living in my head also lived in Karen’s head. The story has come of age. Karen and I talk about our friends, Ana and Caleb, and their adventures, around our friends and they just listen and wonder about both of us now.


I must issue a warning, however…screeching to a halt here a year later…delete the paragraph that once occupied this space and replace it…

Okay, the last paragraph used to be a warning about the R-ratedness of the stories. The stories no longer contain explicit scenes. What the characters are doing is implied.
I left in some words my mother never heard me say, but I did hear her utter one of them once. The use of these words is minimal and they are used when a real person who doesn’t normally use such language might be tempted to let it slip.

The stories are well-suited for young adult to adult, PG13. Heck, I’d even let my parents read them now! Well, if they were still on this planet.

I should also add, since I’m editing this post anyway, that I have eight beautiful grandchildren, and somehow, there are more boys than girls now! Hmmm…



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